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BRESSER papildu / rezerves bāzes stacija meteoroloģiskajai stacijai 7002586

BRESSER papildu / rezerves bāzes stacija meteoroloģiskajai stacijai 7002586
BRESSER papildu / rezerves bāzes stacija meteoroloģiskajai stacijai 7002586
Jauns Uz pasūtījuma
BRESSER papildu / rezerves bāzes stacija meteoroloģiskajai stacijai 7002586
BRESSER papildu / rezerves bāzes stacija meteoroloģiskajai stacijai 7002586
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BRESSER papildu / rezerves bāzes stacija meteoroloģiskajai stacijai 7002586
  • Pieejamība: Uz pasūtījuma
  • Zīmols: Bresser
  • Preces kods: 7902586
  • EAN: 4007922071473
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Produkta skatījumi: 80
Ex Tax: 131.41€
Get clarity on the current wind and weather: You have purchased the BRESSER WiFi ClearView Weather Station and now know your local wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature, precipitation values, as well as UV level and light intensity. But where should you put the base station? In the living room, your whole family will benefit from being able to glance quickly at the clear 21 cm TRUE BLACK colour display. But wouldn’t it also be great in the bedroom, so that as soon as you’ve switched off the alarm you’ll know whether blue sky and sunshine await? With this additional BRESSER base station, you don’t need to decide on just one room. Simply connect to your 7-in-1 external sensor and you have immediate access to your measured values in another room. You can count on the usual functions whenever you need them, including reliable local weather trend forecasts for the next 12 hours, displayed as graphics, so know when to organize a spontaneous BBQ. In the winter months, the frost alarm will alert you when the external temperature falls below -3 °C: Caution, risk of black ice! You can also see the date, day of the week, time and moon phases so you have an idea of the ‘signs of the times’. Plus, for a more long-term view, the memory function stores historical measured data from the past 24 hours.
Time to give your BRESSER WiFi ClearView Weather Station a breath of fresh air
Are there early signs of mould formation in your bathroom? Is the air in your children’s bedroom too dry because of the central heating? The additional BRESSER base station allows you to respond to unusual situations like these with utmost flexibility, as two stations mean two separate measured results for indoor temperature, humidity and air pressure. Position the device in a critical location and the integrated sensor will measure the current room temperature, humidity and air pressure at that location. A graphical room climate indicator will alert you when the air is optimal, too dry or too damp. In addition, you can also set an independent maximum/minimum value alarm with audible and light signal on the additional station itself.
On the road often? In addition to the base station at home, you can use the WiFi function to access your measured data through weather portals such as AWEKAS any time, anywhere. Or, use AWEKAS to transmit your data to your Smart Home controller.
Risk more than just a glance— this BRESSER base station displays reliable weather data from your 7-in-1 external sensor at an additional location.
  • 8.3” colour display (19.3 x 9.3 cm) for detailed time and weather information
  • WiFi connection with internet time synchronisation
  • Receives weather data from the 7-in-1 external sensor and from the optional wireless thermo-hygro sensors on 868 MHz
  • Suitable for publication of data on platforms such as AWEKAS, Weather Underground and Weather Cloud
  • Integrated sensor for indoor temperature (°C/°F), humidity and air pressure
  • External temperature (°C/°F), humidity, wind direction, wind speed, UV level and light intensity
  • Precise wind direction display (16 directions)
  • Graphical weather trend display (sunny, partly cloudy, overcast, rain, storm, snow)
  • Beaufort index display (scale for measuring wind speed)
  • Precipitation quantity display (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, total precipitation)
  • Room climate indicator Weather index display for dewpoint, windchill factor and heat index
  • Time, calendar, day of the week and moon phase display
  • Alarm function with snooze button
  • Ice/frost alarm
  • Min./max. memory (up to 24 hours)
  • Alarm with LED indicator
  • 3 different display brightness levels High/Low/Off
  • 7 languages for days of the week
  • Firmware updates supported
  • Supports up to 7 additional wireless sensors (optional) (item no. 7009999)
  • Integrated WiFi transmission to AWEKAS

  • Base station
  • Power adapter
  • External sensor not included!
  • Instruction manual

  • Measurement function
  • Humidity (inside)
  • Inside temperature
  • Barometric pressure
  • Features
  • Temperature alarm
  • Alarm clock function
  • Weather forecast
  • Storm warning
  • DCF time signal
  • Moon phases
  • WIFI
  • High/low alarm
  • History data storage
  • Compatible with online weather platforms
  • multicolour display
  • Backlight
  • Power supply1 1.5V Batteries
  • Transmission frequency 868 MHz
  • Transmission range 150 m
  • Lighting5 Backlight
  • Backlighting ✓
  • Display size 21.3 diagonal in cm
  • Colour
  • grey
  • black
  • Body material Plastic
  • Type of mounting Stand
  • Inside temperature (°C) from -40
  • Inside temperature (°C) up to 70
  • Extended warranty 5 years
  • Total length 140 mm
  • Total width 240 mm
  • Total height 20 mm
  • Net weight (without access.) 450 g
  • Net Weight total (incl. accessories) 548 g

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